The latest iPad Air is once again $100 off at Amazon

The best iPad for most people is back down to its best price ever. Apple’s latest iPad Air with 64GB of storage is on sale for $499.99 ($100 off) at Amazon and Best Buy. At this price, it’s just $50 more than the 10th-gen iPad but offers better performance and a slightly larger 10.9-inch screen. The midrange iPad Air utilizes an M1 processor for speedy, everyday app usage. While it favors Touch ID built into the power button over the more convenient Face ID of the iPad Pros, the latest Air feels pretty “pro” in most other ways — with second-gen Apple Pencil compatibility, add-on keyboard options, and a USB-C port. The Air ticks most of the boxes needed for iPad usage, from Apple Arcade gaming to content consumption and even getting a little bit of light work done. Read our review.

The latest Amazon Echo Show 10 is selling for its second-best price of $194.99 ($55 off) at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. The smart display is a great addition to the home if you make a lot of video calls, as it automatically swivels on its base to follow you and keep you framed up — making it a great gift for family members who may struggle with video-chatting on a phone or tablet.

The Echo Show 10 is also a handy smart home controller, offering Alexa voice controls over connected devices. And its 10.1-inch display is large enough to make it a helpful kitchen assistant for displaying recipes as well as playing some tunes on its loud built-in speaker. Read our review.

The design of the third-gen Echo Show 10 offers 360-degree viewing angles if you can place it somewhere where it can spin freely.Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K Max is back down to its best price of $34.99 ($20 off) at Best Buy, Amazon, and Target. While most streaming devices have their annoyances, it’s hard to deny the value of this streaming stick from Amazon. It’s got fast Wi-Fi 6 support, a solid remote with Alexa voice controls, 4K and HDR support, and fairly speedy performance with menus and UI. It also has plenty of Amazon-focused content and ads for Amazon stuff in that UI, which may be easily ignorable for some and absolutely infuriating to others. But if you can tolerate that, it’s a good-performing little streaming stick for just 35 bucks. Read our review.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 may be free to play, but if you want to get in some classic Domination and Deathmatch-style multiplayer, you need to own MWII proper. The aged shooter franchise may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the latest version is a fun ride that plays like a game gone back to its roots — albeit with frequent reminders and incentives to coerce you into buying a season pass.

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