T-Mobile suffers major network outage across US

Thousands of T-Mobile customers in the United States reported significant network problems on Monday night, with many unable to place calls or carry out other basic functions. Issues were reported across the country, with users from California to New York saying that service was up and down or completely unavailable for extended periods.

DownDetector spiked and showed over 80,000 reports of problems. Owners of Apple’s iPhone 14 phones said their signal status showed no cellular connection whatsoever — instead defaulting to the emergency SOS satellite indicator.

By late evening, the carrier seemed to be getting a handle on things, but customers weren’t pleased with the disruption.

Responding to complaints on social media, T-Mobile said it was “aware of and rapidly working to resolve an issue that has created intermittent impacts to our voice, messaging, and data service in several areas for a short period of time this evening.”

In a bizarre coincidence, the outage struck on the same day that T-Mobile network chief Neville Ray announced his upcoming retirement from the company. In a tweet Monday night, Ray blamed the service problems on a “third-party fiber interruption.”

Some affected customers reported success restoring a data signal by toggling airplane mode on and off on their devices. So if you’ve been dealing with this tonight and are without service, that’s worth a try.

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