Read up on Apple’s tremendous Godzilla series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

Apple TV Plus has released its first trailer for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a 10-episode series based on Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise that features iconic kaiju-like Godzilla, King Kong, and King Ghidorah. The first two episodes will be released globally to the streaming platform on November 17th, followed by a single episode each week until January 12th.

The trailer itself doesn’t give much away regarding what else we can expect. There are a few snippets of Bill Randa (played by John Goodman) who featured in Kong: Skull Island (2017), flashes of various giant beasties, and of course, an ominous soundscape underpinning shots of all the glorious destruction they’ve likely caused. If, like me, you’re a Monsterverse fan because you just love watching giant creatures battling like apocalyptic pokémon, then it’s looking pretty promising so far.

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