Introducing the AI for Content Marketing Blueprint

Every content marketing team faces some version of the same problem: Content bottlenecks prevent you from hitting content and revenue targets.

There are plenty of factors to blame for that. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your team must do more with less due to scrutiny of budgets, headcount, and productivity.
  • Your team doesn’t move fast enough to publish the type and volume of content your audience demands.
  • You have glaring content or messaging gaps in topic areas that your audience cares about.

These problems are not easy to solve on your own. And, left unresolved, they put your company and career at risk.

That’s why smart content marketers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is not about robots taking over or machines running out of control. (That’s a fantasy from science fiction and movies.) Instead, AI is a very real, very powerful technology that is available right now. And you can use AI to scale your content marketing—without compromising on quality.

Today, AI can:

  • Speed up content creation by generating content, outlines, summaries, and ideas.
  • Make writers more productive by creating templates for reuse at scale.
  • Align brand, language, and style across content teams.
  • Provide data-driven recommendations on what content works and what doesn’t.
  • Predict which assets and formats will perform best before you launch.
  • Identify exactly what content topics have the highest impact on audience and revenue.

In the process, AI turns your human teams into superheroes.

It makes them 10X more productive, agile, and adaptable. In fact, competing in content marketing will soon be impossible without AI.

Now, there’s a new resource to help you do just that…

The AI for Content Marketing Blueprint, Presented by Writer, is a clear, actionable guide on exactly how to use AI in your content marketing.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • What AI is and what it can do.
  • What AI use cases are available for content marketing, and how to find your brand’s specific use cases.
  • What specific AI tools can create real business outcomes for you.

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