How Your Content Strategy Must Adapt to AI

AI is already having a huge impact on content marketing. As a response, the industry may shift towards more human content.

Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer outlined the thesis on LinkedIn.

In it, he talks about how AI will facilitate the rise of content that can’t be easily faked by AI:

“As AI-generated content floods the web, I believe we will see authentic human content take on far greater meaning and value for individuals and brands.”

In Episode 36 of the Marketing AI Show, Roetzer shared more about what more human content is and how brands should lean into it.

1. Prioritize more human content.

As AI increasingly assists content creation, we will see a preference for content that is very human, says Roetzer.

Broadly, that means content that would be very difficult for AI to fake, such as content with far more original thinking, imagination, and heart.

“I think people are going to crave that kind of content,” says Roetzer.

2. That includes embracing certain content formats.

A few content formats could win big in this new normal, says Roetzer.

In-person is one. You can’t fake in-person events.

Unscripted content is another. That might include unscripted conversations with strong points of view.

It could also include focusing on newsletters with strong editorial perspectives.

They’re not the only formats that can be more human. But they’re obvious choices to start experimenting with.

3. But AI has an important place in strategies moving forward.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using AI to scale what you’re already doing, says Roetzer.

Instead, look at how your use of AI in a content strategy can dramatically reduce time you spend on the content you’ve been doing before. Then, reallocate resources to invest the time, energy, and money into more human content.

How to get ahead of the AI curve

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