FedEx is launching a new e-commerce platform as it competes with Amazon

FedEx announced that it will launch a new “data-driven commerce platform” this fall called “fdx” that would put FedEx in the loop of every part of online sales, from purchases to delivery and returns. The platform will integrate with ShopRunner, an online e-commerce store the company bought in 2020.

The company writes that sellers using fdx can ShopRunner platform can use it to “see shipments in near real time,” choose supply chain resources based on carbon impact, and to handle returns. FedEx says when fdx launches in the fall, it will give sellers “more efficient, cost-effective deliveries” using its data. FedEx’s system would also enable a “custom post-purchase experience” so brands can give customers more accurate shipment information.

FedEx has been losing ground to Amazon, as has UPS, so much so that Amazon made more home package deliveries in the US in 2022 than either of them. That’s just a few years after the online retail giant built up a logistics operation that largely uses tightly controlled third-party contractors that Amazon insists aren’t its employees.

The Verge contacted FedEx for more information, but it did not immediately respond.

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