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AMC Theaters is dividing moviegoers

Back in the Great Depression of the 1930s, people found escape from the bad news ... Read more

Ford recalls over a dozen F-150 Lightnings

Ford issued a recall notice for 18 F-150 Lightning pickup trucks with defective battery cells, ... Read more

Meta ends Reels Play bonus Instagram Facebook

Short-form video creators on Instagram and Facebook will soon lose one way of making money ... Read more

Silvergate has collapsed – The Verge

Silvergate Bank, which had been a cornerstone in the crypto world, announced it’s closing and ... Read more

The FTC’s Twitter privacy investigations have ramped up

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had its eye on Twitter since well before Elon Musk ... Read more

Apple reveals a yellow iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

Apple is releasing a new yellow colorway for the iPhone 14. Unlike last year, the ... Read more