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Disney reportedly eliminates metaverse division in

Disney’s next generation storytelling and consumer experiences division, which had been exploring how the company ... Read more

Microsoft says it has stopped its Xbox Game Pass $1

Microsoft has stopped its $1 trial offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game ... Read more

Microsoft fixes reversible screenshot vulnerability on

Microsoft has pushed an update to fix a screenshot editing vulnerability in Windows 10 and ... Read more

Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and creator of Moore’s

Gordon Moore, one of Intel’s co-founders and a Silicon Valley titan, died today at 94 ... Read more

PayPal’s bringing its passkey logins to Android

PayPal says that the rollout will start on its website, rather than its app, and ... Read more

Canva introduces new AI-powered design tools in a major

Web-based design platform Canva is introducing a colossal suite of new brand management products and ... Read more