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Setapp is opening its subscription-only iOS app store

One of the first third-party app stores on iOS is getting ready to open up ... Read more

Substack’s platform now has direct messages

Substack writers and readers can now send private one-on-one direct messages to others on the ... Read more

OpenAI claims the Times cheated to get ChatGPT to regurgitate articles

OpenAI has claimed in a motion filed Monday that The New York Times used “deceptive ... Read more

The Odysseus lunar lander is on its side and will likely run out of energy soon

The Odysseus lander is likely to remain operating for another 24 hours on the Moon’s ... Read more

Ford stops shipping 2024 F-150 Lightnings for ‘quality checks’

Ford has halted shipments of the new 2024 F-150 Lightning electric truck as of February ... Read more

Google co-founder Sergey Brin sued over a plane crash that killed two pilots last year

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the widow of one ... Read more

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