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Students pitch transformative ideas in generative AI at MIT Ignite competition

This semester, students and postdocs across MIT were invited to submit ideas for the first-ever ... Read more

Synthetic imagery sets new bar in AI training efficiency

Data is the new soil, and in this fertile new ground, MIT researchers are planting ... Read more

Technique enables AI on edge devices to keep learning over time

Personalized deep-learning models can enable artificial intelligence chatbots that adapt to understand a user’s accent ... Read more

This 3D printer can watch itself fabricate objects

With 3D inkjet printing systems, engineers can fabricate hybrid structures that have soft and rigid ... Read more

Explained: Generative AI

A quick scan of the headlines makes it seem like generative artificial intelligence is everywhere ... Read more

Using AI to optimize for rapid neural imaging

Connectomics, the ambitious field of study that seeks to map the intricate network of animal ... Read more