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3 Questions: Shaping the future of work in an age of AI

The MIT Shaping the Future of Work Initiative, co-directed by MIT professors Daron Acemoglu, David ... Read more

Sadhana Lolla named 2024 Gates Cambridge Scholar

MIT senior Sadhana Lolla has won the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship, which offers students an ... Read more

New AI model could streamline operations in a robotic warehouse

Hundreds of robots zip back and forth across the floor of a colossal robotic warehouse, ... Read more

“We offer another place for knowledge”

In the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, Jospin Hassan didn’t have access to the education ... Read more

New model identifies drugs that shouldn’t be taken together

Any drug that is taken orally must pass through the lining of the digestive tract. ... Read more

This tiny, tamper-proof ID tag can authenticate almost anything

A few years ago, MIT researchers invented a cryptographic ID tag that is several times ... Read more

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