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MIT engineers develop a way to determine how the surfaces of materials behave

Designing new compounds or alloys whose surfaces can be used as catalysts in chemical reactions ... Read more

Eric Evans to step down as director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Eric Evans will be stepping down as director of MIT Lincoln Laboratory on July 1, ... Read more

AI accelerates problem-solving in complex scenarios

While Santa Claus may have a magical sleigh and nine plucky reindeer to help him ... Read more

What does the future hold for generative AI?

Speaking at the “Generative AI: Shaping the Future” symposium on Nov. 28, the kickoff event ... Read more

New method uses crowdsourced feedback to help train robots

To teach an AI agent a new task, like how to open a kitchen cabinet, ... Read more

Search algorithm reveals nearly 200 new kinds of CRISPR systems

Microbial sequence databases contain a wealth of information about enzymes and other molecules that could ... Read more

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