Baldur’s Gate 3: Deluxe Edition on Xbox and PS5 is coming on a ‘fuck-ton of discs’

“On both PS5 and Xbox, the game will be playable on disc, with the PS5 version sporting two discs, and Xbox a whopping three discs to house the chonky epic,” reads the press release.

Knowing just how massive the game is, I’m pretty sure one of those discs houses Act 3 alone. Massive size aside, the developers at Larian Studios understand that now more than ever, it’s worth offering players physical versions of games.

“We understand the value of physical media, and while there are clearly increasingly significant challenges when it comes to the archiving of games,” said Larian’s director of publishing, Michael Douse, “we truly believe it’s worth experimenting, even if it means a fuck-ton of discs.”

As an extra boon to Xbox players, Larian has announced it will finally share the Xbox release date at this year’s Game Awards. Baldur’s Gate 3 sports a whopping eight nominations, tying Alan Wake 2 for the most nominations for the year.

In addition to a Final Fantasy VII number of discs, the deluxe edition comes with all sorts of bonus goodies like the soundtrack (also on three discs), an art poster, stickers, and fabric patches. The physical edition includes digital items as well, such as a fancy dice skin for all those ability checks, a digital art book, and digital character sheets in case you want to do your best Neil Newbon impression during your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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