Amazon’s Echo Show 10 is receiving its biggest discount since Prime Day

Amazon may have announced a new soundbar, a third-gen Echo Show 8, and a slew of other devices during its recent fall hardware event, but one thing it didn’t introduce is a successor to the Echo Show 10. That means the third-gen model introduced in 2021 remains the latest version, one that’s on sale at Amazon for $184.99 ($65 off) when you redeem the on-page discount or use promo code ECHOSHOW10. (Note: at least one of our staffers could not see the optional, so just be aware that it may not be available in all instances.)

Amazon’s Alexa-equipped Echo Show 10 continues to be the best smart display you can get for video calls — especially given Google’s Nest Hub Max is dropping support for Google Meet and Zoom. Overall, the Show is a better-sounding speaker than the smaller models, and it features a shutter for blocking the 13-megapixel camera when not in use. What’s more, the motorized base can automatically rotate to keep you in the frame during video calls and does so silently, whereas most smart displays and tablets rely on digital cropping and various software tricks to keep you centered. That works, sure, but it’s not nearly as fun.

It’s nearly impossible right now to beat the M2 Air at this price when you consider how capable it is for such a thin and light laptop that’s also got excellent battery life. The M2 Air is ideal for doing everyday computing, getting work done, or taking to college. Pretty much the only time it’s not an easy recommendation is when you have a more processor-intensive graphical / creative workflow or if you want a laptop for heavy gaming usage. Otherwise, the MacBook Air M2 is the best laptop you can buy right now. And if you can spring for the speedier 512GB storage, it’s probably better equipped for the long run.

The HyperX QuadCast S condenser microphone in white is on sale at Amazon for an all-time low of $119.99 ($40 off). The colorful, RGB light-infused mic offers a lot of customization options for anyone podcasting or streaming on Twitch, with four adjustable polar patterns. The RGB lighting makes it a fun choice for streaming or podcasting when you’re visible on-camera, but the colorful lights also have some functional benefits, like giving you an easy-to-identify visual cue for when your mic is muted. The QuadCast S comes with its own anti-vibration shock mount and desk stand, though keep in mind that a condenser mic usually picks up a lot of ambient sound, so if your streaming space has lots of hard surfaces and audio reflections, you may still want to get a desk mount to lift it closer to your mouth.

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